“Infinity’s magic comes from its captivating storyline that inspires someone to think beyond who they believe themselves to be. The player is not listening to the story; they are a character in the story. So now everything comes to life … You can be who you are; you can start to think about who you want to be, and practice the skills that get you there. It inspires you to dream big.”

Natalia Seybold
Senior Instructional Designer

Infinity is an award-winning, revolutionary and sophisticated, behavioral learning and development solution. It can easily scale from 10 to 10,000 managers and leaders. The end-to-end system creates a safe practice field for learning and generates powerful individual behavioral feedback that supports transfer to application coaching. Used ‘off-the-shelf’ or bespoke to your unique needs.

Our Solution

Educational Innovation at Scale


The first-of-its-kind, episodic simulation series is intellectually challenging and emotionally engaging.


Our Digital Mentor, Thea, provides every learner with individual behavioral feedback.

Transfer and Application

Thea curates targeted daily coaching nudges to increase retention, transfer, and application on each leader’s mobile device.

Our Pedagogical Approach

Click on any of the five individual elements to see the experiential and pedagogical structure design that underpins Infinity’s rich, seamless, and immersive learner experience.


Optional, customizable, facilitated, virtual or blended workshops add research and connect leaders-to-leaders creating opportunities to share experience and knowledge across the organization.


The learner is leading an underperforming team in a story-rich challenging business world. Leaders develop relationships with each of the characters through one-on-one conversations, discovering their talents and increasing their performance.

Digital Mentor

After every episode, Theā, the Digital Mentor, provides feedback on each leader’s behavioral patterns: the leader’s ‘Soft, Power Skills’ that drive performance and results.

Infinity Coaching Application

Theā jumps onto the leader’s mobile devise, and curates 20-days of individual coaching nudges to support retention, transfer and application.

Organizational Dashboard

Theā collects, aggregates and anonymizes data from all learners in real-time, and curates graphically displayed insights on the Organizational Dashboard.

3-Episode Series - Fully Cloud-Based or Blended Deliveries

Infinity’s three episodes can be implemented as a series or individually, fully cloud-based or blended deliveries, with optional in-classroom or virtual workshops. Our Experience team works with you to find the fit that works best for your audience and needs.

Fully Cloud-Based

Blended Deliveries

Meet the Three Applications of Theā,
our Proprietary Digital Mentor

Frequently Asked Questions

From the very beginning, our goal was to solve the logistical and time problems for our clients around management and leadership development, deployment and support. As a stretch goal, we had the following client inquiry on our wall and in our minds the whole time.

Client Inquiry
“Hello, Experience It Inc. We need to create and deliver a program focused on the behaviors of leadership and management for a diverse audience of 5,000 leaders distributed across the world. We need to implement as fast as possible, with exceptionally high-quality Leadership Learning and Engagement, Individual Behavioral Feedback and Individual Support and Coaching back at work. We also would like to collect information about what is happening in the field in real-time to know what is working, and not working, and what strengths and gaps are being identified for future development. We know that’s a lot to ask. How soon could we roll out?”

Our Answer:
As soon as you put together an introductory letter and give us their email addresses, we’ll take it from there and your real-time Organizational Dashboard will start showing updates within the week.

Of course, we know that is an extreme ask, however, in our 34 years of leadership development experience in 78 countries, we know from experience that it sometimes happens. We wanted to push ourselves to solve for that extreme need with a never-before-seen high-level of quality and sophistication. That capability is what we have built into Infinity. It makes almost any other need, whether off-the-shelf or bespoke, as light a load as possible on your organization’s resources.

Have it your way …

Ready-To-Go, Off-the-Shelf

Infinity can be used immediately off-the-shelf for your audience, leveraging the embedded Four Pillars of Learning, 8 Managerial Leadership Behavioral Competencies and 24 Managerial Leadership Behaviors.

Bespoke Options

There are levels of customization that our Experience Team can implement for your needs. Contact us and we can together explore the specific needs that your audience and organization has and find the right way to optimize the power of Infinity.

Have it your way …

Infinity as a Learning Journey: 3-Episode Series Experience
Infinity can be used as a 3-episode series to create a learning journey over time for individual leaders. In this case, the episodes build in complexity and challenge and introduce a fresh focus on behavioral learning outcomes. Leveraging Infinity as a learning journey either continuously or with time between episodes can help the learner integrate their lessons learned in a very meaningful and powerful way. This usage lends itself to leverage the Infinity Workshops (virtual or blended) to connect the cohort together for building relationships, knowledge sharing and culture building.

Infinity as a Single Episode Experience
Infinity episodes can also be selected and used in isolation, targeting specific learning objectives for a one time cohort. Or you can use the other episodes later for that same cohort again specifically targeting individual behavioral outcomes. Again the virtual or blended workshops can be added to the single usage with the same advantages to connect the cohort together for building relationships, knowledge sharing and culture building.

Infinity Coaching Application (ICA)
After each episode and the in-game feedback experience, Thea, the Digital Mentor moves from the players tablet or computer onto the leader’s mobile device inside the Infinity Coaching Application (ICA). Thea asks the leader what behavioral leadership goals they want to set for themselves. Adding to their answers, Thea checks their goals against her knowledge of this leader’s behavioral patterns that she has already detected and provided feedback to them on. Thea curates 20-days of individual coaching nudges that increase retention and supports transfer, application, and Impact.

Organizational Dashboard
Thea also collects, aggregates and anonymizes data in real-time, from all learners, and translates that data into graphically displayed insights on the organizational Dashboard for you and your team. What learning is transferring? What progress is being made in the field? Where are the gaps that can be addressed in future Episodes or other learning interventions?

“The skills of the future aren’t technical, they’re behavioral.”
MIT & IBM Joint Research 2022

Behavioral skills cannot be taught and memorized. They must be experienced and practiced.

However, this is the hardest part to accomplish at scale. Practice requires real emotional engagement. Otherwise, learners are pretending to ‘learn’ behavioral skills because they have memorized the five key points of, for instance, active listening. That same learner may share their great listening test results with a partner, without noticing that they have interrupted their partner to do it. Unfortunately, most ‘behavioral’ training and simulations do just that, substitute and mistake the memorization of logically understood concepts for behavioral practice – but it’s not even close. Why have they done that? Because it is very difficult to do the opposite. We know because we choose to do it.

The depth of character development, the realistic story arcs and the diverse set of characters with real lives outside of work, allows the leader to have very real, challenging, surprising, emotionally engaging conversations. The leader’s relationships deepen and develops over time with each of the characters and their Infinity Team.

After 34 years in the behavior simulation field in over 78 countries, we know from experience that there is no point in pretending to provide behavioral feedback if the learner doesn’t feel emotionally engaged.

Character development is not trivial. It’s central! We care deeply about story and characters in each episode. We work extraordinarily hard to earn and keep every learner’s engagement level high. Each character, like the people you work with, does not have work as the central part of their lives. They have friends and families and communities they care about, financial and health issues, personal individual goals, unique ambitions and talents yet undiscovered, a set of real joys and stresses outside of Infinity. They are complex humans like you and me, they are not widgets in a game.

Infinity is a single player experience designed to allow maximum flexibility around how you roll out this program. You don’t have to schedule and coordinate a cohort time when leaders are in the same office or distributed across the office, country, or world. The experience is designed in a way that leaders can fit it into their schedule and their life. They can stop and start each of the episodes so that they have complete agency over how they want to experience it.

While we have designed Infinity as a single-player experience, there are advantages and disadvantages to both single and multiplayer experiences.

Single Player Experiences
The single-player option provides unlimited scale with very high-quality and individual engagement. It provides the easiest large-scale implementation as it provides the learners the most agency over when to experience it, on their own schedule, day or night, 24/7/365. They don’t have to fit into a cohort’s coordinated schedule. The only exception is if the organization wants to leverage the blended option and add the facilitated virtual and blended workshops.

Multiplayer Experiences
We have designed multiplayer simulations when it serves our client’s specific needs. There are circumstances and outcomes that justify a multiplayer experience. Where the specific learning needs make the challenges of coordinating individuals to come together at specific times to play the game meaningful and useful. We will examine these options with individual clients who have specific learning needs.

Infinity Simulation Episodes
All Infinity episodes and the accompanying in-game Digital Mentor experience are easily accessible on the cloud through all modern browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc) or as a native application on Windows, MacOS, iPad, or Android tablets.

Infinity Coaching Application (ICA)
The ICA is designed for mobile devices and works on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Organizational Dashboard
The Organization Dashboard is accessible inside the ICA on the participant’s mobile device. We are currently testing and will soon launch the Organization Dashboard as a website that participants, HR managers, program managers, and program sponsors can easily access from any browser. Data is completely segregated by client and only high-level aggregated data (overall results of all participants) are shared between client accounts.

No one sees a specific player’s results, except that individual player.

The experience is a safe practice field that allows and encourages leaders to experiment with their leadership behaviors and choices and to see the effects of these behaviors on their team, the culture, customer, and finances of the organization.

The data collected is aggregated in real-time and translated into graphically displayed insights on the Organizational Dashboard that can be seen by the players themselves, to give them a sense of how they match up with what others are doing. This also provides the HR leaders of the program with insights around: What learning is transferring? What progress is being made in the field? Where are the gaps that can be addressed in future episodes or other learning interventions?

Learning to Change the World

Three years ago our team set aside everything else and invested 100% of our time and finances into solving the most significant problem plaguing education today:

Individual Learner Engagement at Scale

The reason this hasn’t already been solved is because it’s very difficult! It required our team to find a new way to experience sophisticated, character-based story and simulation. To conceive, design and code a brand new kind of Digital Mentor technology. And then for both to work with unlimited scale – whether 10 or 10,000 learners. It also required us to create a revolutionary business model to sustain that work in the long run. We knew we were on the right track when we became a finalist for Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Award alongside Mastercard, UNICEF and Meta. Then, our client’s feedback has proven it.

We are in the midst of a revolution that is merging the best of learning, storytelling, and deep data, manifesting through all devices, platforms and blended environments. This is our work, our passion and our purpose.

Like us, you believe that learning can change the world on an individual, team, organization and societal level. That’s a goal worth striving for. And a legacy worth leaving.

Leave your email below and join our community of like-minded people that care deeply about making learning as exciting and engaging as the latest blockbuster. But with the highest level of pedagogical sophistication, driving powerful lessons that last a lifetime.

Don Jones

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